SICI Personalized Class in Boston, MA – June 2019

In our Personalized Class, you will learn our basic fitting methodology and are eligible to earn SICI certification after passing the course exam and completing 10 practice fittings for review after returning home. This class is a prerequisite for all Advanced classes including Motion Analysis, Advanced Fit and Advanced Triathlon Fit. Curriculum includes:

  • SICI fit demo and overview
  • Client communication
  • Anatomy/kinematics relative to bike fit
  • Physical assessment techniques of flexibility, range of motion and the foot
  • Size Cycle set up and operation
  • Fit business fundamentals
  • Frame geometry and fit
  • Existing bike fit
  • Triathlon and mountain bike fit
  • Common fit related complaints and solutions


This class will be held back to back with an Advanced course which will directly follow this course and be held on June 15-16, 2019.

Class ​is ​held ​at ​the ​SICI ​fit ​studio ​in ​Malden, ​Massachusetts. ​ ​The ​address ​is ​110 ​Florence ​Street, ​Malden ​MA ​02148. ​ ​Parking ​is ​in ​the ​garage ​on ​the ​corner ​of ​Florence ​Street ​and ​Ramsdell ​Street ​(please ​park ​in ​visitor ​spots). ​ ​Alternately, ​there ​is ​easy ​access ​from ​the ​Orange ​Line ​subway ​station ​to ​the ​Malden ​Center ​stop ​and ​a ​short ​walk ​up ​Florence ​street ​to ​the ​SICI ​fit ​lab. ​


June 12-14, 2019



Class ​requirements:

​Please ​bring ​cycling ​clothing ​(cycling ​shoes, ​shorts ​or ​bibs, ​cycling ​jersey), ​also ​bring ​pedals. ​ ​If ​you’d ​like ​you ​may ​also ​bring ​a ​bike ​which ​will ​be ​fit ​to ​you ​in ​the ​hands ​on ​section ​of ​the ​class.


110 Florence Street, Malden MA 02148