Chris Jacobson, Director

Chris Jacobson
Owner of the nationally recognized Sports Garage bicycle shop in Boulder, Colorado, Chris is a 25 year veteran of the cycling industry. Chris began his bike fitting career in 1992 and quickly developed his craft. Performing as many as 600 fittings annually on cyclists ranging from novices to World Champions, Chris revels in sharing "a-ha" moments with his clientele as they learn how to maximize their performance, comfort and safety on the bike. Chris consults with many different bike manufacturers on bike geometry and design, and is devoted to finding both perfect position and geometry for all cyclists. Chris is the senior instructor for the Serotta International Cycling Institute, a position he has held beginning in 2000.

Greg Robidoux, P.T., Advanced Instructor

Greg Robidoux


Greg is a Boston based Physical Therapist and a graduate of the University Of Hartford.  He has been practicing physical therapy in out-patient orthopedic settings for 13 years.  He first found cycling over 10 years ago as a cross training activity from marathon running.  Once on two wheels he never looked back. He has competed in road, TT, cyclocross, and mountain biking locally and as far abroad as Pakistan. 

Greg has been working with cyclists performing medical bike fitting and treating cycling related injury for more than 8 years.   Seeing the need for comprehensive health care for the cycling population he founded “thecyclingPT”, a cycling centric physical therapy clinic.  The mission of “thecyclingPT” has been to provide the best possible care for cyclists, by cyclists, on and off the bike.   Greg has worked tirelessly with the community, bike shops and custom bike builders throughout New England, promoting cycling and the importance of bike fit to reduce injury, improve performance, and increased comfort on the bike. 

Ian Buchanan, SICI Core Instructor

Ian Buchanan
Ian Buchanan holds degrees in secondary education and small business management and has worked in the cycling industry for fifteen years in both the retail and manufacturing sectors. While working with retailers and consumers from around the country, it became apparent to him that there was substantial interest in specialty bicycle fitting and performance assessment, but not many outlets offering the level of fitting many athletes were requesting. In 2001, Ian and his partner Sarah Shorett opened Fit Werx, a technology and research based fit studio and retailer, located in a town of 2000 people in central Vermont. Fit Werx has since grown into one of Serotta's top 5 dealers and works with riders from around the nation and the world. As a fitter, Ian's credentials include fit instruction for USA Triathlon's national coaching certification, writing Triathlete Magazine's "Tech Support" column six times annually, and providing consumer and professional fitting seminars regularly. He fits over 350 athletes a year ranging from first time riders to Olympians. Athletes Ian has built bikes and positions for include multiple age group winners at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, numerous pro and top amateur road racers (including multiple Collegiate National Champions), as well as Ironman winners and National Champions at the professional level. Ian's fittings focus on stability and biomechanical alignment, rider education and awareness, and viewing each athlete as an individual. He has over ten years of experience with the biomechanics and alignment of the foot and leg in rigid soled footwear based sports and has made well over one thousand pair of sports based footbed support systems for athletes around the nation and the world. Ian has designed over 500 custom bicycles for athletes and consults with many manufacturers regularly regarding new and existing product development.

Kathy Krumme, Fitter member services

Kathy  Krumme Kathleen's love affair with cycling has spanned over 2 decades, first as an amateur triathlete, road racer and time trialist , then later as a specialist in bike fitting and custom bike sales and outfitting. She has performed over 4000 fittings since 1996, became a Serotta Advanced Fit Specialist in 2002 and has served as an SICI core instructor since its inception. As a founding member of the Davis Phinney Foundation, she has chaired the foundation's signature event, the Sunflower Revolution Gala and Ride , which has raised nearly one million dollars for Parkinson's Disease Research and Wellness. Kathleen currently serves on the Davis Phinney Foundation's Science Advisory Board and as Senior Fitting Specialist for Oakley Cycles in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kathleen enjoys working with novice cyclists who are preparing for charity rides.

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